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Agile Method

Our project implementation is based on Agile Methodology that offers a practical, hands-on approach with iterative sprints. A sprint is a cycle focused on achieving pre-determined, complete core business processes or stories. 

Typically, with the Agile Methodology

  • It begins with a prioritized list of business needs
  • Then identifies how many items can reasonably be met in the first-time box
  • Next configures the system to requirements
  • Lastly test and validate workflows and adjust priorities and requirements accordingly

The focus is on quickly establish the baseline system, then configuring and deploying essential functionality to support the immediate business cases thriugh iterative sprints. With Agile Methodology, users get to see and use the system on day 1 of the project, thus ensuring quicker ROI comparing to traditional waterfall methodology.

Proven Technology

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS solution enables organizations to support any learning strategy and align it to their business strategy while saving time and money with best-practice configurations. It aims to transform your learning processes from classroom and administration-centric processes to truly learner-centric processes that drive high levels of development and engagement for your entire extended people network of employees, partners and customers.

Built on the world’s leading LMS platform – Saba Cloud, our solution sets the standard for learning management systems. We put employees and teams at the centre of their own talent development experience, one that is self-driven, ongoing, interactive, relevant and rewarding, while also allowing you to measure the impact that any formal or informal learning has on performance outcomes.

Help your people realize their potential with the industry’s most advanced, dynamic and accessible LMS solution which covers the entire spectrum of learning experiences:

  • Learning Management: build and manage your learning programs with ease
  • Social Learning: harness your employees’ expertise and get them to share among each other
  • Mobile Learning: learning on the go anytime, anywhere
  • Gamified Learning: make the learning experience more fun & motivating
  • Informal Learning: enable a self-driven learning experience
  • Micro Learning: bite-sized content to reach your busy learners more effectively
  • Career Development: empower employees to reach their career goals
  • Video Learning: offer your learners the way to learn like how they consume entertainment
  • Virtual Learning: learn from the instructors remotely
  • Pulse 360: measure L&D impact with real-time engagement insights
  • Reporting & Analytics: help you stay on top of all your key talent metrics
Talent Management System (TMS)

Our TMS solution covers the entire spectrum of talent management from recruiting and onboarding, learning development, performance management to succession planning. It is designed to create high performance cultures, deliver the experiences your people will love, and provide the insight you need as a talent leader to elevate your impact on business success.

Built on a unified, global TMS platform – Saba Cloud, our TMS helps people learn and grow as a team – from real-time coaching, goal-setting and feedback to personalized learning and collaboration.

A people-centric, personalized experience delivered on any device to help you thrive anytime and anywhere you are. Connect to the full talent experience from smartphones, tablets, or browsers that are optimized to the device you love.

Group 31

Learning Management

Develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce with technology that delivers the modern learning experience your employees want, the formal learning activities your organization needs, and the tools and insights that drive business impact.

Group 23

Performance Management​​

Encourage ongoing coaching and feedback, achieve goals, nurture development and establish a culture of high performance. Do it all with a flexible solution that aligns, engages and inspires your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.​

Group 24

Recruitment & Onboarding​​

Give your recruiting teams the boost they need to find top talent in a competitive hiring landscape. From candidate to productive team member, onboard your hires with a tailored plan that prepares them for their new role with you.​​

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Succession Planning​

Effectively manage change while you continue to grow and thrive. Empower executives, managers, and HR to seamlessly and expertly lead transitions and facilitate strategic organizational planning.​​